Sacred Violence - in Christianity and Islam,” - by Tony Harwood-Jones
Author's note
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Author’s Note
Introduction: Two holy warriors
  1. Establishing the Dialogue

  2. First Principles of Dialogue

  3. Affirming that which is held in common

  4. The primary difference between Christianity and Islam

  5. Uncovering the difference

  6. An Interlude on Truth, and on Violence

  7. Sacred Violence in Christianity
          Jesus and Violence
          The Earliest Christians and Violence
          The Later Church, St. Augustine, and Public Order
          The Crusades

  8. Sacred Violence in Islam
          A response to aggression
          Punishment of criminals
          The treatment of pagans

  9. Dialogue as Agony and Enrichment (not yet online)


Notes and References

Glossary of Islamic Terms (not yet online)