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September 2, 2000

The summer and the holidays are over and we are back in the real world with a vengeance.  This year’s vacation was quite unlike those of previous years, partly because it was short, in anticipation of a long-awaited, and carefully planned, trip to Vienna later in the year.

Campers beside motorhome
I didn’t go camping by myself.  There were no colloquies with moose or with mosquitoes.  Instead I stayed home for several days and attended to some essential chores – many of them arising from Mom’s death earlier in the year.      Remind yourself never to die – there is too much paperwork for your successors!

When Heather was free to take a break from her law practice, we went off to Riding Mountain National Park in a rented motorhome.  A veritable hotel on wheels. There we camped for several days beside Chris and Andrea and their two children.  Troy came for the August long weekend, and left his daughter, Calyn, with us for the whole week.  The picture gives some idea of the relaxing pleasure of motorhome camping!

Buffalo in a field
All the campers – eight of us – went in the motorhome to see a herd of buffalo in the wild.  We were able to drive right up to them in the vehicle.  The resulting photograph has the quality of a painting!

But the idyll soon ended.

Back in Winnipeg I found my days once more both intense and full.  For example, two days after returning I was called out at 3 am to the deathbed of a loved and respected parishioner.  Yesterday, I presided at the funeral of a 23 year old newlywed who had been brutally murdered in the U.S.A.  As well, there are daily surprises in our church building, since our caretaker mangled his hand in an industrial fan during my vacation, and we’re getting by with the help of an hourly worker.  Often no one knows where anything is, or how it works!

And on the home front...
Heather and I are coping with the ending of two important relationships among our offspring.  Troy and Tracey have separated, having been married for six years, and together for almost 10.  At the same time, Rachael and Jeremy have broken their engagement.

We are somewhat dazed... even in shock... at these developments.  Heather and I are so very fond of both Jeremy and Tracey.

Rachael is living at home with us, after a summer teaching music to military cadets in Alberta.  She is focussed on her singing, and on a wide network of friends, both male and female.  Troy is living on his own in an apartment near the University (he’s in his final year of law school).  Calyn, his and Tracey's daughter, spends one week with her mother, and one with Troy.  Both homes are near to her school, so that remains a constant.

Hold them, and us, in your prayers.

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