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Princess Annabelle Pirouette

Did you come here looking for pictures of Pomeranians? See Welcome note, below)

June 11, 2003

Image of small dog in owner's arms  
“Teacup” Pomeranian
1 1/2 pounds
Date of Birth:
March 20, 2003

Rachael moved to Toronto at the end of April, 2003. She and her husband had found, via the Internet, a delightful two bedroom apartment close to downtown, and close to our other daughter, Ariel!

After they moved in, they bought this dog, and a new life began...


This page has had an enormous number of visitors, most coming from search engines looking for images of Pomeranians.  You have, in fact, landed in the middle of a personal website, run by the dog’s “grandfather,” who lives in Winnipeg, Canada.

The above image depicts a very new female sitting in the elbow of her owner – in 2003.  Later, when she was fullgrown, she was somewhat bigger, though not very much (click here for a picture taken in 2004).

Our whole family is extremely fond of Annabelle.  To our endless amusement she has all the traits of a dog (a most amiable and loving one), but is the size of a gerbil!

Meanwhile, enjoy your visit to this site, and have a look around if you have the time!

Tony Harwood-Jones

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