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Sabbatical, 2004
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And So, Another Summer...

(An instalment of the Diary of an Inheritance series, which began in July, 2001, when we inherited a very much run down shack in the Québec woods.  Things are calmer than they were in 2001 and 2002, but there are still moments of unexpected hilarity.)

Tranquil Craig’s Lake, Québec, July 30, 2004

Holiday time is here once more, but so far this year there have been no unusual adventures on our annual vacation trip to the lake.  Rather, peace, quiet, and rest are the order of the day.

Heather, mind you, has not quite been able to leave her law practice behind – she has been on the cottage phone daily, faxes have arrived, and clients consulted – but having a very capable assistant in the office, she is relaxing almost as much as I am, simply because she need not worry about business, and handles only what absolutely must be handled.

I, too, have very capable assistance at St. George’s.  Two parishioners died after I left Winnipeg, and Iain Luke, my much more than “honorary” assistant, has attended with his usual competence to the funerals.  Though I am happily on vacation, I truly regret being unable to personally offer my condolences to the two families.

It has been almost two weeks since this holiday started.  We drove from Winnipeg to Toronto and attended the “Call to the Bar” of our son-in-law, Kevin Toyne.  Then, after celebrating another son-in-law’s birthday with a great family get-together, we drove up to this labour of love – our inherited cottage.

The best news when we got here?  No mice!

I have found, and employed, a highly skilled person, who last fall completely rebuilt the foundation, and went on to replace a lot of rotten wood – through which the mice had been gaining access all these years.  Consequently, when we arrived last Saturday, although the interior of the cottage was very dusty and chaotic (the hammering had dislodged decades of debris, and there was sawdust everywhere from fitting all the replacement beams and panels) there were no mice!  Heather and I attacked the place with broom and vacuum, so that things are really clean and comfortable now, and no matter what we lifted, moved, or swept beneath, we never came across any telltale signs of mice.  Even a trap, which I had left set last fall, was still there, bait untouched, trigger ready to snap.

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