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Sabbatical, 2004
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Last Night at the Lake... for now

(An instalment in the Diary of an Inheritance series.
This concludes the 2004 segment.)

August 21, 2004

This is our last evening at the lake for our 2004 vacation. While much that is very exciting is still to happen (ie: my Sabbatical), there is a certain sadness at the end of our annual recreation time.  Mind you, there is not much sadness around me: the cottage is full of family, playing a parlour game (‘Tock!’), while I tend the fire, serve drinks, and write this web entry.  You’d almost suspect the rest of the lake are rejoicing that we’re leaving, as my nephew, Todd, put on a fireworks display in the middle of the lake earlier this evening!

Tomorrow morning we pack up and head out on the highway.  By Tuesday evening we should be pulling in to Winnipeg.  Wednesday morning, August 25th, at 7:00 AM, I preside at the regular mid-week Eucharist at St. George’s.  I’m sorry not to be going to church tomorrow at my lovely little summer parish of Holy Trinity, Hawkesbury, but the logistics of getting on the road make it impossible.

On the whole it has been a great holiday.  Good family stuff, and some real progress on the cottage - to the point where it is truly pleasant and comfortable to be in.  Lots of work remains to be done, of course, but we’re revelling in a real sense of progress now.

I begin my much-anticipated sabbatical on September 8: studying Sixteenth Century English church history in Toronto and in England.  I return to Winnipeg December 15.  Who knows, maybe I’ll post some of my Sabbatical adventures here from time to time! 1

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1  A diary of the Sabbatical did end up online, and is, in fact quite comprehensive.  Moreover, it is the very next entry in this series.

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