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(Sabbatical, 2004)


(From September to December 2004 I went on a long-awaited Sabbatical - researching and beginning to write a book on the tumultuous first years of the Anglican Reformation.  I maintained a web diary, often with daily entries.  This page, along with a Contents page, a Day Finder and a Topical Directory, can help you find your way around.)


8 Sep

Set out by car for Toronto
12 Sep Living in Toronto with my daughter, Ariel Maharaj, and her husband, Shai.
Attend church at St. Thomas’, Huron Street.
13 Sep Paperwork at the Toronto School of Theology
14 Sep Begin study at Graham Library, Toronto School of Theology
15 Sep
10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Meeting of the Administrative Unit, Continuing Education Plan
Anglican Church of Canada
(Tony has just been appointed to this board)
16 Sep
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Meeting with study project supervisor,
David Neelands, Dean, Trinity College Divinity
19 Sep Attend church at St. Thomas’, Huron Street.
23 Sep Overnight stay with Patrick & Cathy in Port Hope, ON
24 Sep Travel to our Québec cottage.
26 Sep At cottage
Attend Holy Trinity, Hawkesbury
6 Oct Heather joins Tony in Ottawa
(Air Canada flight 182, Winnipeg-Ottawa - arrives Ottawa airport 10:57 PM)
7 - 11 Oct Heather & Tony spend Thanksgiving at the cottage
11 Oct Heather & Tony drive to Toronto
Stay at Ariel’s overnight
12 Oct Heather flies back to Winnipeg (Air Canada 189, leaves Toronto Pearson 8:15 AM)
Tony flies to England (AC 866, leaves Toronto Pearson 7:20 PM)
13 Oct Arrive London Heathrow, 7:30 AM
Travel to Oxford, public transport
13 Oct - 11 Nov Living at Ripon College, Cuddesdon
11 Nov Return to Canada
Fly Heathrow-Toronto
Air Canada 849, Arrive Toronto Pearson 6:10 PM
13 Nov To Vernon BC, joining Heather at the home of our son Chris, and his family
(Arrive Kelowna, BC - West Jet 503 from Calgary - 16:35 hrs local time)
14 Nov Dinner meeting with vestry of All Saints’ Vernon
15 Nov - 21 Nov Family time with Chris, Andrea & grandchildren
21 Nov Preach at All Saints' Vernon, Consecration Sunday
22 Nov Brief stopover in Winnipeg
24 Nov Return to Ariel’s home in Toronto
24 Nov - 12 Dec Writing, possible meeting with study advisor
Attend St. Thomas, Huron St.
12 Dec Preach at St. Thomas, Huron St., Toronto, 11:00 AM
12 Dec Set out by car for Winnipeg, 1:00 PM
15 Dec Preside at 7:00 AM Eucharist, St. George's Crescentwood
Debriefing meetings with staff, Peter Flynn
Back to normal.

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