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A Three Month Sabbatical

January 22, 2005

The biggest thing of 2004 was my Sabbatical.

Actually, it was probably the biggest thing I will have done for many years, certainly equalling our trip to Vienna and England in 2000, and took place from September 8 until December 15, 2004.

The purpose of the sabbatical was to do some research and begin writing a book whose working title is: In and Out of the Closet – a thoughtful look at the 16th Century Anglican Reformation.  Driving my ancient and dilapidated car named Ol’ Harry 2,500 kilometres to Toronto, I registered as a student at the University of Toronto, thus gaining access to their libraries, books and resources.  From there I drove to Québec to read in the silence and stillness of our wilderness cottage.  I next went to Oxford, England, where I stayed for a month reading in the world-famous Bodleian library, and immersing myself in English history and culture.  Then, it was off to British Columbia, where I was a guest speaker in the parish of All Saints’, Vernon.  Finally, I returned to Toronto, and tried to complete as much as I could of the book, before driving Ol’ Harry back to Winnipeg.

During all this globe-trotting I maintained a web journal of my adventures.  You are, of course, welcome to read it, either sequentially, from the beginning, or by using one of the guides I developed for finding your way around.  There is a Contents page, an itinerary; and a calendar which have clickable links, by name or by date, to the many journal entries.  Possibly most useful to the casual browser is a topical directory, which leads you to the various recurring themes of the diary (the car, the bicycle, the various churches, and the book I have been writing).

Click and enjoy!

'Tony,' handwritten

Tony Harwood-Jones

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