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A Pleasant, Lazy Summer

(An instalment of the Diary of an Inheritance series, which began in July, 2001, when we inherited a very much run down shack in the Québec woods.)

August 10, 2005

Quiet, hot, and humid.  An occasional thunderstorm rolls through.  The cottage is dry and comfortable.  Perfect for typing this weblog.

We’ve been at the cottage for over a week, and for the first time since taking it over in 2001 there is simply no pressure to build, fix, clear or haul.

Rest and recreation in the Québec Laurentian forest?  There is nothing finer.

Almost as soon as we arrived, Rachael, Kevin, and Annabelle the mini-dog came for their annual cottage vacation.  Six very pleasant days passed, amazingly conflict-free, given the fact that this small place is much better suited to two adults, than it is to four adults and a dog!

Wedding at a country church
The Wedding of Ross Dixon and Mary-Jill Sanders
Avoca, Québec
(bride & Groom at church door, top of steps)
On Saturday, Heather’s brother, Ross Dixon, married Mary-Jill Sanders, his friend and companion of the past several years.  It was a “country wedding,” with vows exchanged in a tiny local church, and a feast in the nearby community hall.  The bride and groom did most of the work setting up and clearing away the feast, helped by a host of willing friends and relations – many of whom are fellow-cottagers.  Heather and Rachael worked on the hall decoration, while I borrowed a large freight-hauling trailer and brought rented tables and chairs from Lachute.  As well, I was the official wedding photographer, and assisted in the exchange of vows!  Multi-tasking, as it were.

I’m not much given to swimming, unless it is extremely hot.  However, I have been in the water every day this Summer, which certifies that Eastern Canada is going through a record-setting heatwave.  The hot weather also saps one’s energy, so sitting with a book, or working on my website have been my preferred occupations when not swimming.

On Friday we go to Toronto, then on to Stratford, where Rachael is performing in a brand-new opera; a musical version of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.  It is a workshop production: Rachael and the rest of the cast are preparing it all week, then it will be presented in skeleton form on Saturday with the audience invited to contribute comments and suggestions to the composer and librettist.  Stratford’s press release describes it as a “work in development.”

On Monday, Heather flies to Winnipeg to spend a week in her law practice, while I go back to the cottage.  Ariel will probably join me for her own vacation-time at the lake.

Life is good.

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