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It’s our Pleasure to Serve you – Afterword

Readers React

What good is a traumatic event if it can't be turned into a funny story?  – TH-J

The story of these adventures with Bell Canada has had quite a reaction!  Here are some of the things people have said:

This was a great read.   I enjoyed it immensely and laughed many times
          (Marilyn - Winnipeg MB)

Toooo funny (for me anyway).   Reminds me of my adventure last year with the same crowd.
          (Ken - Ottawa ON)

I was more enraged than entertained.   Life shouldn't be like living in a Dilbert comic strip
          (Bill - Winnipeg MB)

Oh, the pain.
          (Chris - Vernon BC)

I enjoyed your Shaggy Dog story immensely.   It was the second such tale I had heard in the last 24 hours...   I’ve also heard from an ‘insider/old-timer,’ who works at Bell, what it feels like to see Ma Bell deteriorate so badly.
          (Judy - Toronto ON)

Entertaining yes, but amusing no.  Too close to the bone.
          (Robert - Gananoque ON.     Robert related a comparable story of his own)

most entertaining and vicariously frustrating...
          (Art - Winnipeg MB)

I thought you were headed towards a meltdown a la Basil Fawlty
          (Anne - Winnipeg, MB)

I felt CRAZED by the time I got to the end of your saga.   Truly!!   [I admit, though, that I was also entertained.)
          (Cathy - Port Hope ON)

I’ve never had an experience that went on as long as yours, but I have been caught on a similar “bang-your-head-on-the-wall” merry-go-round.  It’s like being in some sort of Crazy House where, no matter which door you go through, you find yourself outside again and have to pay another admission to get back in.
          (Roy - Norwood ON)

ps: If you found the story important, or significant, please send the first page or the following address, to all your friends and relations:

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Maybe spreading the word will eventually help Bell re-think some of its procedures.

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