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Retired Guy – Gone to Work

November 25, 2007

Okay, so this old retired guy now has a full-time job!

How can this be!?  I have been loving retirement; why on earth would I take a job?

Simply put, Heather needs me.  I’m working at Heather’s law office: receptionist, secretary, runner, janitor, and computer tech.

Kathi, Heather’s assistant, turned in her notice, and left at the end of September.  Kathi is a friend of the family who came in to look after the office during Heather’s summer vacation several years ago, and never left.  At first this was a good thing, but as business picked up, Kathi, who has no legal traing or experence, became overwhelmed.  She had the good sense to recognize this, and departed.  Heather now needs to sort things out, and then find an affordable assistant with training and high competence - not an easy task.

Tony at receptionist desk
Yours truly as receptionist, typist, and office-boy
Which is where I come in.  No, you’re not looking at an “affordable assistant with training and high competence” (okay, maybe “affordable”) but I can help enough to give Heather the chance to get things sorted out.

It’s been intense, actually.  Many is the day that we don’t get home before 10:00 PM, many the week when we work six or even seven days.  But fifty-one days, or putting it more graphically: two hundred and eighty-three working hours later, we’re beginning to get our heads above water.

We actually got away this weekend, to attend a wedding in central Ontario of a life-long friend of Heather’s.  Sitting in a hotel room I finally got a moment to collect my thoughts, and put this note online.

Some of my intended retirement activity has had to be put on hold – notably research on 16th Century church history – but I think being of genuine assistance to my spouse trumps everything else.  Anyhow, I have still managed to continue preaching in various churches (a Remembrance Day sermon is even online), and I’ve been teaching one my educational programmes on Wednesday evenings.  A very full life, indeed!

I’ll probably “retire” from Heather’s office some time after Christmas 2007.  At that point I think she will be able to clearly outline what kind of employee will best be able to move her practice forward.  Then, when such a one is found, we’ll both celebrate, and I will return to my beloved books.

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