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Saturday, June 26, 2010

To my astonishment, I find that my website has not been updated for almost two years!   The last entry was in October 2008, just after the organ and clarinet concert that I did with Russ Greene!  My full two-year contract at St. Luke’s comes to an end tomorrow, and I have posted absolutely nothing about it on these pages.  There has even been a second clarinet and organ concert, with not a whisper about it here!  I guess that just shows how intense it has been for me at St. Luke’s.

The fact that this site has not been kept up can also be blamed on FaceBook – at least a little bit.  With FaceBook, it is so very easy for me to “drop in,” post a note to friends and family, and generally keep in touch.  As well, the interactive capabilities of FaceBook are also significant.  On this webpage, for example, communication is pretty much in one direction; I can talk to you, but you can’t reply very conveniently. 1  By contrast, on FaceBook, with nothing but a simple click you can instantly tell me what you think about whatever nonsense I may have posted!

But FaceBook (like Twitter, which I haven’t joined, and don’t intend to) is only good at short bursts of information. It’s not really suited to anything that requires a bit of depth.

With retirement beginning once more, I plan to re-start this web project of mine.  Perhaps I’ll post a bit of a reflection on these intense two years just concluding; perhaps I’ll make some observations about life and the universe... who knows?  But I shall very shortly post something here.

Plans for the Summer and Fall of 2010

Following my last service at St. Luke’s (June 27th), Heather and I will stay in Winnipeg for two weeks.  We have a couple of social engagements, and I also hope to go to Riding Mountain for a few days of wilderness camping.

There are two Sundays during that time, and on those Sundays I will preside and preach at St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church in Winnipeg – filling in for their Rector, who is on vacation.

On July 11th we will be joined by our granddaughter, Alexa Harwood-Jones, and the three of us will get in the car and drive 2,500 km. to our family cottage in Québec.  Heather, Alexa and I will visit friends, and enjoy the lake; Heather and Alexa will also do some serious shopping in Montreal, if all goes according to plan.

July 21st will see Alexa and Heather on a plane, returning to Winnipeg.  Heather will then attend to some business at Dixon Law Office, and Alexa will return with her mother to their home in Vernon B.C.

I stay at the lake... and every once in a while will preside and preach at nearby Anglican churches (July 18, August 8, and August 22).

I may even stay at the lake until after Thanksgiving!  Or maybe I won’t.  The privilege of being retired is that plans don’t have to be firm and fixed.  I will certainly be at the lake throughout August, and Heather will rejoin me there around August 12th.  Sometime in late August or Early September I’ll go down to Toronto to see a few of my numerous relatives there.

On October 27th I will be doing some ministry team training in the Pembina Hills (here in Manitoba), and that's the only fixed thing I have on the horizon... other than a Caribbean cruise in January (Woo hoo!).

You can always find out where I am – if you’re interested – by checking my online calendar.  From wherever I am, I intend to keep it current.

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1  The only way to talk back in this context is via email.  If you send me an email and comment on this or any page, I will post your comment, but the process cannot be instant.

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