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Old Spouse

– in tribute to a wildly popular Old Spice commercial 1

If the screen above is blank, please wait: the video is loading.

It all started when Alexa, Heather and I were on our way to the cottage.2  We were discussing the award-winning Old Spice commercial that had gone “viral” on the Internet, when Heather said, “What we need is an old Spouse video.”  The next hour of that long drive was spent brainstorming what such a video would look like, and we were laughing so hard at the various zany possibilities that we resolved to make it at the cottage if an opportunity presented itself.  That opportunity came when my sister, Dawn Harwood-Jones, who is a professional video producer and owner of Pink Dog Productions in Halifax, came to the lake.  She happened to have a camera with her, and agreed to shoot the video.  She and her husband Malcolm – a very funny and creative guy – contributed some more ideas, and we shot the video that you see here over a couple of days in early September, 2010.  Dawn’s team in Halifax3 did the editing and final production.

Tony Harwood-Jones, October 4, 2010

1  If you haven't seen the commercial that prompted the creation of Old Spouse you can watch it here: (

2  See the entry entitled “Half the Fun is Getting There... isn’t it?

3  What a trans-Canadian project this is!  Conceived in Algonquin Park with ideas from a resident of Vernon, B.C.; shot in the Province of Québec; produced in Halifax; and starring a resident of Winnipeg.  Not bad.

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