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Feedback about the Old Spouse video

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On October 4, 2010, we posted a video online called “Old Spouse.”  Actually, it was quite a week for posting videos1 in our family, because at about the same time that Old Spouse went online, a video of Rachael performing in Rigoletto, and another one of Chris and his wife dancing the tango, also appeared on the Internet (click here for more detail).

Old Spouse both imitates and ‘sends up’ the wildly successful TV and Internet ad for Old Spice men’s body wash. 2

If you haven’t yet seen our little video exercise, you can view it by clicking here.

Since putting Old Spouse online, we’ve had lots and lots of feedback.  Take a look:

Dennis:  your "Old Spouse" commercial was brilliant – and brilliantly funny!  Oh, I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED!  ALSO – and though I ought to know better... than to venture forth offering morals for aesthetically delightful moments that don’t require them – I thought there was a very nice message, too.  Human beauty and love and reality surely ISN’T what’s portrayed in commercials, and commercials deserve to be mocked: both for their extravagant and false promises, AND for neglecting the things that are truly important!!!
Jen:  OMG!  THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....  you rock Tony!
Robert:  Had a great laugh Tony.  I liked it better than the original.  I guess us old guys need to keep a bottle of that old louse deodorant handy.  I hear it’s also good for removing tar from car wheels, killing weeds and insects too.
Tannis:  This may come as a shock since you’re now retired but, Tony, you missed your calling.  Every woman’s dream – an OLD SPOUSE.
Cathy:  Tony, I nearly peed my pants watching your Old Spouse video!!  It is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS...!!  I am sure YOUR video will go viral, too!!!!  What TALENT you [and your sister] have!!  Keep on making these what-should-be award-winning videos!!!!
Vanessa:  That’s great Tony!  Did you edit it yourself? 3  I like the part when you disappear behind the beam and come out on the other side in a suit!!  Fantastic!!!!
T.B.:  Super stuff...  really smooth editing as you crossed into the kitchen of Phred. 4  What fun...!
Arlene:  For a minute I thought I was watching a tarzan movie.  Great flexing Tony!
Andrea:  That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.  Do you mind if I send it to some friends?
Murray:  It’s great...perhaps we can have a showing at our next clergy gathering.
Janice:  It’s a hoot.  You’re a brave old spouse, and Heather is even braver!
Don:  I finally had some leisurely time to read your blog and watch the video.  Great fun!  Thank you for sharing them.
Sue:  Hilarious!  Apparently there’s also a new version on Sesame Street but it couldn’t be funnier than yours!
Anita:  LOL...I think that sense of humour must be hereditary ;)
Theresa:  Nut Bar.  :)
Scott:  LOL!!!!
Russ:  Loved ‘Old Spouse’!  Laughed... and cried!
Jane:  I finally sat down this morning and watched your video.  I have been working hard and I couldn’t resist your invitation to have a good laugh.  And I did!  What a hoot and what a creative family you are.  Keep up the good work.
Phil: this what you plan to do in your retirement… make special videos?  Ha!  Well, well done anyway!
Werner:  loved your video very funny
Jo:  You have made me giggle.
Sheri:  What a hoot!!!!!!  Thanks for the laugh!
Patrick:  Well, if it doesn’t go viral, I don’t know what’s wrong with people on Facebook!  Absolutely hilarious!
Roy:  Thanks for the laugh Tony.  May you get many hits on YouTube.
Doreen:  Loved it Tony – you all must have had a great time with this.
Wendy:  Brilliant!  My friends LOVE this and have been reposting like crazy.  You are going "viral" I think  :-)
Nicky:  Hi there o hunky traveller, Yes I’ve just watched the `Old Spouse’ show
Thomas:  LOL.....I busted a gut laughing ..Good one Tony
Ted:  Doesn’t Old Spouse require, uh, another spouse?
Alexa:  this is way too good
Marilyn:  I did have a laugh.  A rare thing for me as you know.  Is this how you are spending your retirement????
Karen:  Be still my heart!  Who is the hunk in the old spouse video?
Pamela:  It is amazing!  You had me in stitches!!
Ken:  Too clever!!!!
Roger:  Love it.
Diana:  I absolutely love it!!!!!
Peter:  OMG, too funny!  Retirement is warping your sense of humor!  :-)
Dave:  lol
Chris:  brilliant!
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1  Rachael sang the role of Gilda in Verdi’s Rigoletto, performed in Brampton Ontario in 2008.  A video, made at the time, was finally put online October 1, 2010.  Go to to see it.
Chris Harwood-Jones and his wife, Andrea, danced the Tango in a Vernon B.C. fundraiser.  Click on to watch the video.  (back)

2  The original Old Spice ad can be seen at

3  Video editing was in fact done by my sister Dawn’s firm, Pink Dog Productions, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  (back)

4  “Phred” is the rather unusual name of my sister Dawn’s cottage, the location for the interior scene.  (back)

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