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Cruise Itinerary, January 2011

the Grand Princess cruise ship
The Grand Princess
(14 storeys tall; accomodates 2,000 passengers and an equal number of staff)

From January 17th to 31st, 2011, Tony and Heather took a holiday cruise in the Caribbean.  Fourteen days of sun, tropical islands, and floating luxury, plus a trip down memory lane!  The following is the full itinerary.  It is set up to be interactive, linking you to the online journal that Tony wrote about the adventure.  Click on an underlined date or word and you will be taken to Tony’s account of events that took place there and then.

Saturday, Jan 15th:   fly from Winnipeg to Toronto.
stay overnight with Ariel; visiting with both daughters.
Sunday, Jan 16th:   fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
overnight at the Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Beach hotel.
Monday, Jan 17th:  
the Grand Princess cruise ship
Stateroom D702
mid-day, a bus takes us from the hotel to the wharf, where the cruise ship Grand Princess awaits.  Loading of luggage follows, with inspection of passports and other documents.  Finally we proceed up to the 9th floor on the vessel, and settle into Stateroom D702.
Jan 18th & 19th:   at sea
Thursday, Jan 20th:   Aruba
Friday, Jan 21st:   Curaçao (activity: visiting a synagogue)
Saturday, Jan 22nd:   at sea
Sunday, Jan 23rd:   Grenada (the home of Tony’s maternal ancestors)
activity: go to church; locate the birthplace of Tony’ mother.
Monday, Jan 24th:   Barbados (activity: visit an extraordinary cave)
Tuesday, Jan 25th:   St. Vincent
Wednesday, Jan 26th:   St. Kitts (Tony used to live there) – activity: find some of Tony’s old haunts.
Thursday, Jan 27th:   St. Thomasactivity: go on a catamaran
Friday, Jan 28th:   Santo Domingo
Saturday, Jan 29th:   at sea
Sunday, Jan 30th:   Princess Cays,” Eleuthera, Bahamas
Monday, Jan 31st:   end of cruise; fly to Toronto
Tuesday, Feb 1st:   Visiting our daughters in Toronto
Wednesday, Feb 2nd:   Return to Winnipeg

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