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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The reviews are in.  People have been reading my online cruise diary, and some of them have even told me that they think it’s pretty good (those who hate it are evidently keeping their opinions to themselves).

Quite a number of nice things have been said, but here are six of my favourites:

“...literate, informative, charming, and funny... I was absolutely enchanted!” – Dennis R. (while sending a link to his friends)

“You have a way of wrapping your reader in what you are discussing and make us feel a part of it – a true gift.” – Ken D.

“As I was reading your journal, I felt as though I were THERE with you!  You are an engaging writer – not to mention delightfully descriptive!” – Cathy C.

“What a wonderful trip you both had.  The writing is beautiful, you are a wonderful story teller.  Your very emotional journey back to St. Kitts was expressed so well I had tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing.” – Heather W.

“Wonderful story and wonderful storytelling.” – Don J.

“I have enjoyed immensely......Felt like I was tagging along...” – Jenny B.

— «» —

And this, that came from a friend who once lived and worked in Jamaica:

“Me gwan say fah true, him have de time o him life, nay?  What a wa him tell de story.“

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