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A Boy’s heart-rending letter opens eyes...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello my name is Brandon & I am 11 years old. 1

I got hurt before Halloween, a branch went into my eye and all of the sudden my eye had no vision.  I thought that I would be blind or they would have to take my eye out.

Before my injury I had perfect vision.  When it was gone I was really sad.  I had to have an operation, I had a lot [of operations] actually

but I still could not see.  I have not been allowed to go to school because of my drops 2 and I miss it.  I miss my friends & I miss playing.  I have to be very careful because of my eye

My Mom could not stop crying and I would listen to her all night and all day.

My Nan cried too, and she thought it was her fault because I got injured when I was at her house.

I felt really bad that because I was not paying attention all of this bad stuff happened.

I just had my cornea transplant on Feb 15. and when I went to my check up a few days ago they took off my patch & I read the letters they showed me on the wall.
Brandon, before and after
Brandon before (left) – and one month after surgery (right),

My Mom cried again but this time it was not because she was sad.  My Dr was going to cry too.

My Mom told me what had to happen for me to get a new cornea.  I wish I knew the name of the person who gave me the cornea but the Dr’s can’t tell us.

I know that you have to be very sad and I feel very sorry for your family.  I really want to say thank you it is only because you gave me the operation that I can see and will be able to read.  My Mom said this happened and there would be something we learned from it  I learned that strangers do good things for other strangers and it can really change their life and it is important to always do a good thing because it can really mean alot.

I hope they give this letter to you and I hope they dont cross out my name because maybe you want to know it.

I am Brandon and I can see because of you


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The Winnipeg Free Press, March 15, 2011
The Toronto Sun, March 17, 2011


1  Brandon is Brandon Singh, a cousin of your faithful blog writer.  The letter that you see here was originally posted to FaceBook by Brandon’s mother, Suzanne Harwood-Jones.  Today, with Suzanne and Brandon’s enthusiastic permission, it was published by the Winnipeg Free Press.  However the newspaper edited out several important paragraphs.  What you have on this page, therefore, is the complete and unedited version.
An account of the accident was posted on this blog, November 15, 2010.  At that time, I was concerned for the privacy of this traumatized family, and didn’t use names.  Today, they want the whole world to know!
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2  Brandon was on a regimen wherein eye drops had to be administered every two hours, day and night.
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