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Doing ‘Clergy Supply’ in Churchill, Manitoba

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From April 14 to May 9, 2011 (an interval that included Easter, my 70th birthday, a Royal Wedding, a Canadian general election, the decennial Canadian Census, and an enormous Manitoba flood) I was far away from home, serving in the tiny Anglican parish of St. Paul, in Churchill, Manitoba.

Churchill is on the edge of the Arctic
, over 1,000 km directly north of my home in Winnipeg.  Even now, in the middle of May, it is still in the cold grip of winter.  My time there included long walks on the frozen tundra, a mini-blizzard on Easter Day, and a ride on a dog sled.  It was truly an adventure, and I feel very fortunate to have had such a great experience.

Naturally, I’ve written up an account of the whole thing, here in these Chronicles, and invite you to peruse it at your leisure.  Treat this page as the “Contents” page.  You can return here from any part of the diary by clicking on a button marked “ENTRY/EXIT.”

    •   Part 1 – Announcing the assignment
    •   Part 2 – Life begins... in the far North
    •   Part 3 – Priest on a Dog Sled
    •   Part 4 – Walking into the Wind
    •   Part 5 – Last things...
      A Photo Album
      ...and a page of Churchill Triviainteresting little facts that I learned while I was there.

Happy clicking!

'Tony,' handwritten

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