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Late spring updates, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

After my return from Churchill, life around here resumed what might be considered a normal pattern – at least for a short while – and there have been no great and wondrous adventures to type up for your edification and enjoyment.

Tomorrow, however, the pace picks up again, because we’re flying off to Ottawa for the wedding of our niece, Andrea Dixon, and since our cottage is very close to Ottawa, we’ll go there after the wedding for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, here are a few short updates:

My young cousin, Brandon, who had the cornea transplant (see March 15, 2011)
On May 12, Brandon’s mother, Suzanne Harwood-Jones, posted the following message on FaceBook: “wow ...Brandon is seeing 20/20 with both eyes ..may not need a prescription AT ALL !!!  and his ‘good eye’ has not gotten worse...but better!  dr’s said, ‘Wow Buddy you have Tiger Woods vision in that eye!’ ....better – way way better – than expected. TG”

I believe that the letters, “TG” mean “Thank God,” and it is certain that many of us feel that prayers have been directly answered.

Churchgoing report
Back in October I wrote about the various kinds of churches that Heather and I have been attending.  Although since then I have filled in for some Anglican clergy, and did priestly duties in Churchill, there continue to be many Sundays when we continue our odyssey outside the Anglican church, and attend worship services in a wide variety of Christian congregations.  Here’s the tally to date:
  • Roman Catholic (1)
  • United Church (2)
  • Mennonite (2)
  • Pentecostal (1)
  • “Big box” Evangelical churches (3)
  • Presbyterian (1)
  • Baptist (1)
  • Lutheran (1)
  • Independent protestant congregations (2)
... and – mostly because of a personal connection with someone who attends there – on four occasions we have gone as simple worshippers to Anglican churches.

There are a few more Christian denominations that I would like to visit, and then we will probably settle down in an Anglican church somewhere.  I hope to write up the whole experience on these pages some day.  Stay tuned.

Heather’s mobility
Despite last December’s surgery on her right knee (which did some good), Heather continues to have a lot of pain.  She plans to have a full-scale knee replacement on her left knee once she retires from her law practice, but (a) she has not decided exactly when she will retire, and (b) she cannot take the required length of time off from work if she were to have such major surgery done before she retires.  So she’s decided to live life to the fullest anyhow – pain or no pain – and will take short periods away from her practice in order to go to Ottawa and the lake next week, back to the lake in July, and cruise the Mediterranean with me in October!

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