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How fortunate can one person be?

Tony piloting an ocean-going Catamaran
Tony, piloting a catamaran, in the Caribbean, January 2011

In the space of a less than a year, I managed to go

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Tony, on a dog sled, in the sub-Arctic, April 2011

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Tony at the Parthenon, in Athens
Tony, at the Parthenon in Greece, October, 2011

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Even a year ago, who could have imagined that in 2011, the year of my 70th birthday, I would be able to pilot an ocean-going catamaran in the Caribbean, go for a dog sled ride not very far from the Arctic Circle, and visit the Parthenon in Athens, Greece?  How great is that?!

Regular readers of these Chronicles will be familiar with all the adventures from which these photos come.  But if you’re new to this site, you can find some of the background about sailing the catamaran by clicking here.  The background on the dog sled journey can be found by clicking here; and the story of the trip to the ancient ruins of the Mediterranean begins here.

I’m back at home now, and, while resuming the familiar daily routine of retirement, I’m also looking at the pictures and diary entries of our most recent adventures; and marveling at this entire annus mirabilis.

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