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At Last the Tale Begins

December, 2011

More than a month ago, Heather and I returned home from a flawless and memorable trip to the Mediterranean.

What with one thing and another, only now have I been able to prepare an account of that adventure for posting here.  But at last it is ready.

Ho Hum — another exciting trip to exotic places!
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The actual narrative begins with an account of the strains and stresses of organizing the trip.  It then goes on to describe our stopover in Cambridge, England.  Further entries tell you about the cruise itself, a romantic gift, and a terrifying bus ride.  Then there is an account of our four remarkable days in Rome.  The end of the narrative describes our journey home, and concludes with a three-piece Epilogue.

Consider this page the “Entry / Exit” page.

I have also made a photo album of the trip, that tells the story through seventy-seven pictures! 2

And, as is my usual custom, I have prepared a Contents page, from which you can cherry-pick whatever parts of the diary most interest you.

By the way, did you click on either of the footnote indicators on this page?  With these projects of mine it is always wise to read the footnotes!  I stick various interesting bits and pieces in there, and some of them are important.  In fact, my footnotes are almost like a second voice commenting on the main text.  And, I always make it easy to get back to where you were.  If you haven’t already done so, click here to read footnote number two.

I write all this for your entertainment.  So, as I have said many times before, click and enjoy!

'Tony,' handwritten

Tony Harwood-Jones


1  The complete text of this memoir went online as of December 1, 2011 (except for a tiny bit of the “Epilogue” – which was completed December 6th).  I still have more pictures to put into the Photo Album, and possibly tinker a bit more with formatting in the Rome section, but to all intents and purposes the project is done.
Can I ask a favour, though?  If you discover a broken link, or a picture that doesn’t load properly, could you notify me right away?  I have read and re-read the narrative so many times that my eye might be skimming over problems that will be glaringly obvious to anyone else.  Thanks in advance for the help.
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2  WARNING: In almost all respects, the Photo Album is the same one that I posted in FaceBook as the trip progressed, so if you’re one of my FaceBook friends, you’ve basically seen it already.  Mind you, if you’re a sucker for punishment and decide to look through the Photo Album anyway, you will find that many captions are improved or completely different, and some pictures have been replaced altogether with new material, but basically, if you saw my FaceBook album about the trip, you won’t find anything startlingly new in this one.  Sorry.
(I told you it’s important to read the footnotes!)
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