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Status Updates, late 2011 – early 2012

Our life here at 605 River Avenue, in between all the big events that have happened,1 continues merrily along from day to day.  Instead of trying to keep you posted by writing long reams of deathless prose, I’m just going to imitate – for now – the world of FaceBook: giving you what it calls a “Status Update.”  The following are actual status lines that I have posted in FaceBook on the indicated dates.

a Christmas tree

December 23, 2011
Let’s see now... Heather bought presents.  Heather wrapped presents.  Heather baked.  The vegetarian restaurant cooked Christmas dinner.  And me???  Ummm... I added an essay to my website?  Well, I did put up and light the tree!  (But Heather decorated it with all those baubles.)  Now I'm quite worn out by all Heather’s work. 2

December 24, 2011
Christmas Eve.  Heather and I drive 125km to the town of Morden, MB, where I preside and preach at the little Anglican church of St. Thomas.  Scripture text for the sermon:  John 1:1-18.
We were back home by 10:00 PM.

December 25, 2011
A Christmas feast with Troy and Rachael, after bedlam and pandemonium at Tim and Diana’s – plus phone calls from Chris and Ariel and Markus, and the day starting off on the right foot by attending a Eucharist at St. Luke’s.  It has been a fine Christmas Day.

a bouquet of white roses

December 31, 2011
Heather and I were married on New Year’s Eve thirty six years ago.  On that day, Heather carried white roses.  I thought I should get some to mark the anniversary.  On the whole, I find that marrying her was a very good idea.

January 3, 2012
I’m about to head out to Toronto for a couple of days.  Gotta be at the ordination of a young man who first sensed a vocation when I was his parish priest.  I’m really touched that he asked me to formally “present” him in the liturgy.

January 4, 2012
Is flying “standby” from Winnipeg to Toronto a good thing?  Well, the price is right, but one does get bumped.  I’m spending my day sitting in an airport, it seems.  Will I get on the next flight?  I won’t know until I know.
After waiting in the airport a total of three hours – which is not a very long time in the greater scheme of things – I managed to board an aircraft, and was soon winging my way to Toronto.
The flight was completed without incident and I will remain at my daughter Ariel’s until January 9th.

January 9, 2012
Home safe and sound after a memorable weekend full of unexpected and delightful connections.

On this trip to Toronto there were no visits with cousins...  which saddens me, but it cannot be helped.  There was, instead, the ordination of a young Winnipeg colleague, with its attendant celebrations, and an entirely fortuitous encounter with a friend last seen 39 years ago! There were many other delights, but these two were the best.

The Rev'd Michael Bruce and friends
The Rev'd Michael Bruce, his family and presenters, at his ordination
L to R: Tony (clerical presenter), MaryAnne Medland (Michael's mother), the ordinand,
Margaret Owen (lay presenter), Richard Bracken (MaryAnne’s companion)

January 17, 2012  3
Life has returned to normal.
      (for a description of what I mean by “normal” click here.)

My particular delight is that Winnipeg weather is also, finally, “normal!”  Today was -23° C. with a bright sun and Sun dogs!  4  I went for a 4 km. walk and loved every minute of it.

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1  2011 has been particularly amazing: two ocean cruises (one in the Caribbean and one in the Mediterranean) plus a month for me in Churchill.  See “How fortunate can one person be?
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2  I should mention, by the way, that in addition to labouring like a drayhorse on all this Christmas stuff, Heather has been working full time at her law practice.  An exceptional woman, indeed.  Quite wears me out.
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3  It wasn’t until I typed this date that I realized that all the entries that I made since New Year’s Day were dated “2011” instead of “2012!”  I’ve fixed it now.
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4  Sun dogs are two bright spots of light that appear to the right and left of the sun.  Caused by light refracted through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, they may be seen anywhere in the world, but are easiest to see – and brightest – in extremely cold weather, on a cloudless day when the sun is low in the sky.  For more scientific information, see the article on Sun dogs in Wikipedia.
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