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To the End of the World and Back

January, 2013

The trip to South America is done and the story is, for the most part, written.  I’m delighted that you’ve come to take a look at my little narrative.  I enjoy the art of writing, but now somebody’s got to read the thing, and it looks like it might be you,1  Yaaaay!

Here is a synopsis of the trip:
Heather and I flew to San Francisco on December 3, 2012, where we went on board our cruise ship, the Star Princess.  Together with our friends, Werner and Mary Schulz, we then sailed for thirty days, right around the southernmost tip of South America, stopping at various places along the way.  The cruise ended in Buenos Aires, where we stayed for five days, before flying to Toronto (Heather had a meeting to attend, and we also did some nice family stuff).  Finally we returned to Winnipeg on January 15.

And here’s how the blog is structured:
  • The “ENTRY/EXIT” point (this page), from which you can enter the narrative, or move on to other places in my website;
  • The narrative itself, consisting of six parts:
              1. A Journey to... Where???
              2. Whales!
              3. Sea Legs
              4. Penguins
              5. Adventure Tourism
              6. Last Legs
  • A contents page, from which you can pick and choose what you’d like to read;
  • A Google map of the entire journey, with air and sea travel marked, plus all the places we visited, and the dates that we were there (it opens in a new window);
  • A photo album; (but it’s still under construction, as of January 30, 2013)
  • A topical index (during the trip, I posted updates in this space, so you may have already read some sections, and have only come back to check for things that you might have missed.  If so, perhaps you will only need this index to find what you want.  It’s arranged alphabetically;
  • And, a clickable link at the end of the narrative, where you can send me your comments, both good and bad, about the adventure (your comments will be posted on the last page of the blog).

Got your coffee?  Or your hot chocolate, maybe?  Or a hot rum toddy?  Good!  Then settle down, read,2 and enjoy.

Your friendly blogger,

'Tony,' handwritten

ps. Have you read the footnotes?  T.

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1  Thanks for clicking on the footnote link!  With my narratives, it’s always a good idea to check the footnotes.  They comprise a second “voice,” in a way; as if there were someone else, off to one side, commenting on things.  As well, I stick odd little bits of extra information in there.  So, be sure to read the footnotes, whenever you come across them.
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2  I do all the layout and formatting of my website by hand.  It’s a personal quirk of mine, and it is both labour-intensive and time-consuming.  It could be that I’ve made mistakes here and there in the programming.  If so, a page or a picture won’t look right in your browser, and I need to know!  So, if you see anything that doesn’t look right, please click here, and tell me what it looks like and where you found it.
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