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January 30, 2013

Being a writer, of sorts, has been a wonderful gift, particularly in this respect: after we came back from South America, the task of writing up the “blog” in a readable and (hopefully) entertaining way has enabled me to “unpack” that extraordinary time.  By comparison, Heather and Mary, and to some degree Werner, all landed running.  Within hours of our return to Winnipeg they were each back at work – and indeed hard at work – at their respective jobs.  But I sat quietly, re-living many of the experiences as I wrote about them.

It has allowed me to recognize how fortunate we have been to travel so widely, and to see so many wonders, and to learn thereby how big, and yet how small, our world is.

The Journey to South America is done now, and so is the narrative about it that I have posted here.  I, too, will now quietly return to what passes as “normal” for me: priestly ministry in the parish of St. Margaret and the Diocese of Rupert’s land; an online teaching ministry through the “Anglican Priest” section of this website; keeping the house tidy; grocery shopping, and making the meals for Heather; being a Dad, and a friend; and in due course returning to Heather’s office to help her fold up her practice.

God willing, when Heather is fully retired, we will be permitted to travel some more, to appreciate yet again the wonders of nature and the miracle of human life upon this planet.

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