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Now THIS is serious illness!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The day began very calmly.  Heather went to work, and I sat at my computer doing this blog (and doing some stuff connected with Heather’s upcoming birthday, about which I beleve she hasn’t the faintest idea).  There followed a normal afternoon working at Dixon Law Office (yes, I’m back there again!).

But just after dinner, an email came in from my daughter Ariel to say that her husband has suffered some horrible sort of attack that has removed his mental functions!  There was a fall, all the way down stairs, in which he received a huge concussion and numerous lacerations (Ariel says it’s lucky he did not break his neck!), but there have also been seizures and hallucinations – some as a result of the concussion, but some caused by a deep-seated toxin that has lain in his system for some time; something that may well have contributed to that fall down the stairs.

He’s in hospital, and indeed has been there for two days.  And as I type, he still doesn’t really know where he is or what day it is or any of that stuff.

My mental spasm on Sunday lasted 30 to 40 minutes, and I could walk and talk throughout.  And I’m almost 72 years old.  My dear son-in-law’s brain crash has lasted two days, and even now he cannot do anything!  Yet he’s only 44.  This is so wrong!

There is talk of us going down to Toronto to lend some moral support.  Heather, of course, doesn’t know what an elaborate plan for her birthday I’ve been developing, and how our taking off for Toronto would cause chaos, but luckily I have an ultrasound appointment on Friday, that I simply cannot miss, so that will be my excuse for not going quite yet.  It’s long been in the works that Heather will be going to Toronto anyway on Monday, and I can go too, at that point, if Ariel needs a Dad.

But her husband’s condition is so very serious, and so very alarming.  I fear for him, and for my daughter....

If you are a person of prayer, please include “Shai Maharaj,” and Ariel, in your prayers.

April 22
Shai remained in hospital for a week, slowly regaining his faculties.  Now, two weeks after it all started, he is at home, somewhat better, and able to move about the house on his own.  But he is not yet his normal self.  Ariel, on leave from her job, has been at his side constantly.

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