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Cottage, 2013

September 20, 2013

Heather and I spent the summer at our beautiful and remote little cottage in the Province of Québec.  It was an intense time... which took us by surprise given that Heather – having closed her law practice – thought that it would be a period of uninterrupted leisure in sun and clear splashing water.  It was anything but!

Still, being the inveterate blogger that I am, I've turned it all into some sort of connected narrative that you may enjoy reading, if the mood strikes you.

    Here are some of the chapter headings:

  1. Driving from Winnipeg to Ottawa
    This is actually the last section of a much longer page.  Read the short ‘status updates’ listed from there to the bottom of that page, then click “My next entry tells the tale” in the Postscript.
  2. Powerless!
  3. An Outrage of Outages
  4. Three Old Men Cutting Wood
  5. A Flea in Your Ear?
    WARNING: some of this is not for the squeamish or faint of heart!
  6. Munch munch munch
  7. A Wick and a Can of Beans
  8. The Last Week: on the Move!!!
  9. A Small Passenger
  10. 11,446 Kilometres!
  11. Reader Feedback
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