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The birth of
Alexander Elliot Harwood-Jones
March 23, 2014
53 cm (20.8 inches); 3,280 gm (7 lbs 4 oz)

description of photo
Tony, Alexander, and Heather
Does Heather look happy, do you think?

Here we are, Grandad and Nana, visiting Alexander at the hospital, only hours after he was born.

Our newest grandchild is the son of Troy and Marysia, who were married last June.  He is half-brother to Markus Harwood-Jones, and to Jesse and Nicholas Kosowan – all of whom are [much] older offspring of Troy (Markus), and of Marysia (Jesse and Nick), in another world and another life.

Despite all our other travels and adventures, Alexander’s arrival is the single most dramatic and life-changing event to happen in our lives so far this year.

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