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This Short Time at Home

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Since getting back from our enormous driving trip, Heather and I have only been able to enjoy a few weeks at home in Winnipeg before heading out in the car once more.  It is summer, after all, therefore is is time for our annual trek to the Province of Québec – to our little shack deep in the Laurentian forests.  That trek will begin Sunday afternoon, June 29, after church.

It feels as though, in retirement, we are constantly on the move.  So far this year we have been to Hawaii, with an extra week in California; and to Rachael and Michael’s wedding, also in California, with a memorable, but looooong automobile journey there and back through several world-famous landmarks.  Soon we will be in Québec, and from there we’ll probably go down to Boston to see Rachael, where she and Michael currently live.  We should be back in Winnipeg in September, and will hopefully stay put for a while (though there is talk of us going to California for Christmas, and the possibility of another ocean cruise in the not-too-distant future!).

Meanwhile, staying at home has not meant much time sitting on our derrières.  We’ve crammed all sorts of social and volunteer obligations, which would normally be spread out over several months, into these four brief weeks that we are at home.  Coffee or lunches or dinners with friends, board meetings of one kind or another, church activities, and several family occasions have filled up the days completely.

Boredom is not in the cards for us, evidently.

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