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What is “Normal”??

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The story of my life these days seems to be this:
  1. Go on some sort of amazing adventure.
  2. Come home; catch my breath; do something a little more “normal.”
  3. Go on another adventure.
You see it all on these pages. 1  Since 2011 I’ve been to the Caribbean, to the Arctic, to lots of places in the Mediterranean, all around South America, to British Columbia (in winter driving conditions), to Hawaii, California, back to California for a wedding, to the Province of Québec, to Boston, Massachusetts, and finally to Newport and then to Providence (both in the State of Rhode Island, USA).

Although we have gone to some of these places by air and by cruise ship, the fact is that since May of this year alone, I have driven my car 17,000 kilometres!

Heather, by the way, has been with me on all of these travels, except for my stay in Churchill, near the Arctic Circle.  She will not submit herself to cold weather any more than is absolutely necessary.

Right now I’m in that brief interval described in #2, above: I’m home, catching my breath, and trying to be normal.  “Normal” in this case means doing some church work, meeting friends for lunch and/or coffee, maintaining this website, 2 and enjoying my family.

But I’ll soon be off again.  Our cottage in Québec is not ready for winter, and a roofing project is not fishished.  So I’ll be flying to Ottawa on September 29, renting a car, and completing that work at the cottage over a period of twelve days.  I may write about it here.3

By Canadian Thanksgiving I shall be back in Winnipeg for, I think, a fairly long time.  However, there is talk of Heather and me going to California to spend Christmas with Rachael and Michael...

And so it continues...


1  If you haven’t read some of the entries that I made about these various adventures, you can easily find them from this footnote.  Just click on one of the place names that follow, and a new window will open on the first page of the relevant adventure.
The Caribbean; the Arctic; the Mediterranean; South America; British Columbia; Hawaii and California; the California wedding; and the Province of Québec.  Unfortunately, I have not [yet] been able to write the story of our visits to Boston, Newport and Providence.
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2  I’ve only just now finished an online photo essay about of our February 2014 trip to Hawaii and California.  If you’d like to see it, just click here.
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3  I did write about it, and you can access the story, beginning here.
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