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What’s so Funny…?  Especially Today?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today is the day that I completed writing up our cottage adventures for this year.  In particular, I told of ten days in early October when I returned to the lake to finish an outhouse project, to cut some firewood, and to get the place ready for winter.

My cottage yarns are mostly written in a light-hearted vein.  They are fun to write, and (I hope) funny to read.

But it feels slightly paradoxical to indulge in such trivial tale-spinning on a day when a lone gunman can shut down Canada’s capital, and bring the violence and terror so prevalent in our world much closer to home than most Canadians would like.  Two Canadian soldiers have now been killed this week by individuals who have been somehow compelled to do violence, driven either by some ideology or simply by virtue of a screwed-up life.

Because I’m a Christian, I am neither shocked nor surprised that human beings – even those who have been brought up by loving parents in comparative comfort – can deliberately choose to do harm.  We humans have a dark side, which God could deal with only by absorbing that darkness, in Jesus, on the Cross.  But still, I am sad to see the peace and security of our country so nastily shattered.

Life will go on until we die (now there’s a simplistic truism!), and many of us will continue to have pleasurable and funny moments in our day, until it is time for us to go through the gate of death and give an account of our lives to our Maker.

So despite this world of pain, I have offered you yet another account of the funny events in my own life – and maybe you will find it a pleasant diversion from watching the nightly news.

The October adventures start here with the outhouse saga; a menu of all the 2014 cottage adventures can be found here.

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