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November 5, 2014

There is a “Writers’ Reading” event taking place at St. Margaret’s, and I am going to participate – as a writer (not as clergy).  But I need some help to decide which of two possible entries I ought to read.

You may have already seen them in context, for they are part of this blog, but I have excerpted and edited each to make it suitable for a public reading.

The one written most recently is “Wet Work,” – the story of some watery goings-on when I went back last month, alone, to our cottage in Québec.

I wrote the other one, “Turkish Delight,” about three years ago, during a cruise that Heather and I took in the Mediterranean.  When we stopped in Turkey, there was a certain incident about a Turkish carpet.

If you have a minute, click over to each story, via the links on this page, then send me your vote – by email, or, if you and I happen to be FaceBook “friends,” you can go to my page on FaceBook and cast your vote there.

Thanks for your help

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Much Later...

The votes came in and “Turkish Delight” was the hands-down favourite, so I read that.

The reading took place November 13, and was amazing.  Not because of my own contribution, which went well enough, but because of the high quality of the nine other entries.  I was blown away.  Exquisite poetry, thoughtful ethical reflections, a great piece of historical fiction, and a couple of other first-person anecdotes were offered, almost all by people under 40, and several who were under 30!  While I don’t think that “Turkish Delight” was noticeably worse than the other entries, I was truly humbled to be among writers with such a wealth of talent.  It was a memorable evening.

Click here to read “Wet Work.”

Click here to read “Turkish Delight.”

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