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Living in Grenada
February 16 to March 10, 2015

One week after that exciting and demanding concert, Heather and I were off to the Caribbean, where we proceeded to live in a beautiful rental apartment on the island of Grenada for three weeks.  Our friends, Werner and Mary Schulz did the same thing in parallel with us, renting accommodation not far down the road, and we spent most of our days together.  Rachael and Michael also managed to visit us while we were there.

The full story of this adventure is online, and you can use this page as the Entry and Exit point from which to access the complete blog.  Naturally I commend that you read it through from beginning to end, and send me some feedback, but I’m also posting here a directory of the different sections so you can pick and choose various segments at your pleasure.  If you read nothing else, I commend that you read “Blessings”.

Some people paint, some compose music, and some take beautiful photographs.  The art form that I constantly try to master is the art of writing.  These stories are my attempt to make literature that is both noteworthy, memorable, and maybe even a little thought-provoking, and I hope that you will find this Grenada diary to have at least something of those characteristics.

But people do love pictures, so I not only illustrate the text with a picture here and there, I try to conclude the whole narrative with a photo album.  The photos themselves were easy enough to choose, but formatting them for the web is very time consuming, so it can take a month or two before the album itself is complete.  But then, the best part is the narrative, right?  So with or without a complete photo album, why not give it a try!?

Part One
An Alarming Start
Why Grenada?
The Road to Gouyave
Part Two
De White House
Exploring Gouyave
This Way and That!?
Here’s the Beef
Part Three
Visitors in Church
Part Four
Driving around
A Beached Wife
Part Five
The Fearful Father
A True Grenadian Moment
A Glimpse of Family Long Ago
Part Six
Ending with a BANG!
Feedback & Comments
Photo Album

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