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The birth of
Rose Ayla Harwood-Jones
March 10, 2015, at 8:15 AM
45 cm (17.7 inches); 2,776 gm (6 lbs 1.9 oz)

Heather with newborn Rose
Heather with newborn Rose

Our newest grandchild is the daughter of our second son, Troy, and his wife, Marysia.  She is the younger sister of Alexander (age 11 months), and half-sister to Nicholas (16), Jesse (19), and Markus (23).

We arrived in Winnipeg (from our trip to Grenada) only hours after Rose was born, and we went to the hospital to meet her before even unpacking our suitcases.  On that visit, I was able to capture a beautiful photo of her with her family:

Troy, Marysia and their two youngest, in the hospital room
(L-R) Rose, Marysia, Alexander, and Troy

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