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Our 2015 Visit to our Cottage, with some Surprises

July – September, 2015

Every summer, Heather and I travel 2,500 kilometres by car, from where we live in Winnipeg, in the centre of Canada, to the Province of Québec, where we have a small and primitive shack on a beautiful, but remote, lake in the middle of a forest.  Inveterate blogger that I am, I have spun a tale or two about our adventures, and posted them online.

This summer, in addition to the normal activities of cottage life, there were some surprises.  This is the summer when I was taken to hospital, and also when Heather and I took a quick trip to California.

This page lists all of this summer’s blog entries, with a brief description of each:
  • Ready... Set... Go!!!
    A letter to a friend, describing our journey to the cottage, and the work that must be done to open it for the summer.
  • Disconnect!
    Our ability to connect to the Internet from our cabin?  Gone.  Totally.  Possibly for good.
  • A Universe of Pain
    After a day of hard work in the forest, something starts to hurt, and I am rushed off to the hospital.
  • The Sunken Vessel
    After an extremely heavy downpour...
  • The Surprise Treat
    Heather and I take a short trip to California, at the invitation of our daughter.
  • Family Time!!
    Three of our four adult children, with their families, come to stay a while at the lake.
  • Helping and Fixing
    A wondrous elevator rises next door; and I repair a ramp.  The 2015 summer at the cottage then comes to peaceful end.
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