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Called into Service... Again.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Today it was announced in two churches – the one that Heather and I attend, and the one to which we shall be going – that I am once more to become the visible ordained leader of an Anglican church.

St. Mary’s Church, Charleswood
St.Mary’s Church, Charleswood
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St. Mary’s church, in Winnipeg’s suburban community of Charleswood, is without a Rector, and while they enter into the process of seeking, identifying, and then appointing a new one, our Bishop has asked me to take on that person’s normal duties.

This is what the Bishop says in his appointment letter, “I am appreciative of your willingness to ‘borrow time’ from your retirement and other commitments to help out the community of St. Mary’s during this time.  I am confident that with your presence for Sunday worship, administration and pastoral care in the parish, coupled with the guidance of Archdeacon James Bardsley to lead the transition piece, the parish will be able to focus its energy on moving this process forward in a timely manner.”

Leading Sunday worship and preaching, church administration, and pastoral care – plus collaboration with the archdeacon on the process of calling a new Rector – feels very much like being “back in the saddle.”

And, I don’t really mind.  Loving and leading a congregation in their faith journey is what I’m built to do.  Yes, it is a “job,” with a salary (I’ll be “half-time”), but far more than that, it is a vocation.

So, wish me well.  If you pray, please pray for me, and for Heather (who will accompany me week by week, and who will no doubt be a blessing among the people of that congregation).

When the new Rector is in place, which is thought to be around September 2017, Heather and I will resume this thing that is apparently called “retirement.”


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