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Giving a Lecture on Islam

Friday, April 27, 2018

In 1989 I did some post-graduate study at the University of Manitoba on “Inter-Religious Dialogue,” in the context of which I focussed on Islam.  Since then, I have given a few lectures to various Christian bodies, from congregations to Synods, helping non-Muslims gain a basic understanding of the world’s second most populous religion.  In time, I published, on this website, an essay entitled “Sacred Violence in Christianity and Islam,” which began life as my major essay for that university course.  The original version of that essay was written long before the September 2011 Al-Qaeda attack on New York’s Twin Towers, and yet, I think that it is still quite relevant.

Recently, St. Margaret’s, my home parish, asked me to give a brief, one-session introduction to Islam, which I did yesterday, April 26, 2018.

I was somewhat disappointed with the turnout - only about twelve people showed up - but it was nice to have refreshed myself in the material, and the session itself went quite well.  But I was exhausted when it was done, which felt odd, since I love teaching, and have never before felt so tired at the end of a session.  I must be getting old.

But then, I turn seventy-seven on Sunday!  I guess that is pretty old!

photo of St. Margaret's Anglican Church
St. Margaret’s Anglican Church
160 Ethelbert St., Winnipeg, MB, R3G 1V7
… the church which Heather and I attend, when I’m not serving elsewhere

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