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Still Alive... and Still Kicking

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Just so you know, I’m still alive, and functioning – even in a COVID-19 pandemic.  I just haven’t updated my personal website since last October, when I began (and never finished) an account of our 2019 late-Summer adventures!  So, here’s what’s happened from last Summer until now:
  1. In Montreal, at the end of July, we had an Interment of Ashes service for the remains of Heather’s mother.  We then returned to the Cottage, accompanied by Rachael’s dog, Lola – who was to live with us for a while.  Rachael had brought the dog, from California, to her grandmother’s burial, hoping that we would babysit it, because the high-strung creature was stressing out her family;
  2. In early August, Heather flew back to Winnipeg (with the dog).  She had a number of files in her law practice that needed attention.  I remained at the lake, driving to Winnipeg a few weeks later, then picking up Heather and the dog, and continuing on to California, where we planned to be present when Rachael’s second child, Weston, was born;
  3. Our beautiful new grandson arrived on September 5.  I was able to post some photos about it online, here.  We stayed in California until late September, then drove back to Winnipeg – with the dog – and were at home for a couple of months;
  4. We then drove to Vernon B.C., for Christmas, where we were joined by several other family members.  A good time was had by all;
  5. Rachael and her family came to Winnipeg in early January, so that baby Weston might be baptized in our parish of St. Margaret;
  6. Although I wasn’t doing a lot of clergy work in the first months of 2020, I presided and preached at St. Mary Magdalene church and at Holy Trinity church, both in Winnipeg.  I presided at the funeral of a long-ago friend, and attended several others (it’s getting to be that phase of my life; attending funerals).  As Lent began, I started to lead a weekly Adult Christian Education session at St. Margaret’s;
  7. Then the Pandemic hit.  Heather and I both came down with something that may have been COVID-19 (fever; some congestion), but we were never tested, because we had not been out of the province for the previous nine weeks, and were not knowingly with anyone who had tested positive – such were the regulations in our province in mid-March;
  8. My adult education classes had to be cancelled, anyway – since all gatherings were now prohibited;
  9. But before long, I was following my vocation once more, preaching at an online service for Church of The Way, May 10, and at an online service for St. Margaret’s on June 7.  As well, through the month of June, when small, in-person church services were once more permissible, I have led worship every Thursday night at St. Margaret’s;
  10. I also attended the “Black Lives Matter” rally, at the Manitoba Legisature building – along with 15,000 others – and later engaged on FaceBook with a number of friends and acquaintances, debating the merits and demerits of “de-funding” police forces;
  11. Heather has been practicing law – sometimes by phone, but more recently, and very carefully, by seeing clients at her office.  She is determined to fully retire in 2020.

And that pretty well updates you, for now.

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