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Cruising the Mediterranean, and Visiting France

It seems that all I post these days, in this blog, are tales from our various travels!  Is it possible that nothing ever happens that is worth writing about, when we are living at home?

Well, at home I spend a lot of time interacting with people – both close friends, and people who see me as something of a spiritual mentor and guide.  As I’m sure you know, I also preside and preach at worship in various churches, sit on a Board of Directors for a medical foundation, and function as chaplain to an association of retired RCMP members.  What can a person write about, regarding any of these?  Either we would put individuals’ lives out on the Internet, or disclose confidential material concerning the Foundation, or the retired police officers.  Can’t do that!

So I end up chatting away in my blog about the adventures that Heather and I have when we’re away from home!

I began this page when Heather and I were partway through a cruise in the Mediterranean.  I had been entertaining a number of friends, on Facebook, with stories about the trip.  And, as I have done on previous occasions, I eventually decided to post that material here – often thoroughly edited – along with the story of things that happened after the cruise ended (material that didn't get posted on Facebook).

Read it right through from the beginning, if you like, or click on any one of the links below, to go to a specific entry.


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