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A Priest and his Powerbook

Cartoon of the priest at his laptop

You might call this a “minimalist” site!

Prior to November, 1999, everything in this website was done on a greyscale Macintosh Powerbook 180.  There wasn't much colour in the site, and almost all the pictures were cartoons, like the one you see here (I scanned the cartoons simply by FAXing them to the laptop!)

I had great fun making the website, though the process became easier as I got better and faster computers (with colour screens)!

I keep my computers for a long time, and work them hard.  They are advanced, and comparatively powerful when I get them, but over time they become more and more obsolete.  The web, meanwhile, is constantly modernizing, and introducing new technologies, so that after a few years my hard-working and faithful machines can no longer keep up.

Struggling to work on the web with increasingly obsolete equipment, I learned something important: there are other folks like me out there with older stuff, and they, too, find the Web pretty difficult with all the Flash, Javascript, video, and monster graphics exploding in every site like fireworks.  Webmasters ought to keep such people in mind.

Accessibility and compatibility thus became very important to me as I developed this website over the years.  Anyone should be able to download and view my stuff, regardless of equipment.

So, if you have older machinery or software and couldn't access something on this site, please, let me know.

By the way, I call my powerbook “Thomas” .... after Thomas Cranmer, and Thomas a Becket, and Thomas Aquinas, oh yes, and after Thomas Didymus, the doubt-ful apostle. 

Tony Harwood-Jones