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A Little Bible Handbook

Here is a complete online resource to get you started reading the Bible for yourself! There are brief answers to basic questions about the Bible, and lists of fascinating passages you can look up, all without any attempt to persuade or to preach. It is a scholarly guide, but very simple, and easy to use.

This is a resource for absolute beginners - and for the curious.

Let’s face it, the Bible is in millions of homes, but it’s not aways an easy book to read! Some versions use difficult English. As well, some sections just seem very boring for the casual reader- or too mysterious and obscure.

So this guide is intended to put a real Bible in your hands - to get you to look at some interesting passages in manageable chunks.

There are brief explanations here and there, some helpful background, and some “how-to’s” for effective Bible study, but the guide is primarily an easy-to-use list of Bible selections. Each one is identified by location and a short description.

You can start reading this online guide at the beginning, or you can open the “Contents” file and hyperlink to any part of the list you think might be interesting. If you are an absolute beginner, there is a short instruction section you might want to check out, which will help you with the basics of “Chapters” and “Verses.”

Would you like to print some of the pages of this handbook for study offline? Go right ahead! But, a hardcopy version is also available, one which you can fit into your Bible at home (after all, it is hard to tuck a whole computer in there!)

Time permitting, the author tries to answer email questions. He is Tony Harwood-Jones, an Anglican priest, in Winnipeg, Canada.

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