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Let your priests, O LORD God, be clothed with salvation... 2 Chronicles 6:41 (NRSV)

An Anglican Priest

The Anglican Communion is a worldwide association of Christian churches whose common bond is that they are all “in Communion” with the “See of Canterbury” (ie: the Diocese of Canterbury with its Archbishop).  This church can trace a continuous history right back to Jesus Christ himself, although it formed a uniquely English character under the political and spiritual leaders of England, culminating in an official break with the Roman Catholic church in the 16th Century.

Anglicans recognize the three universal [or “Catholic”] types of ordained ministry: bishops, priests, and deacons.  I am a priest, ordained as such in 1966.

Click here to explore some Frequently Asked Questions about priests in the Anglican Church.  (eg. “How do I go about getting ordained as an Anglican priest?” “Is ‘Anglican’ the same as ‘Episcopal?’” “How do I address an Anglican Priest?” “What is it like being an Anglican priest?”...and more)
There is also a page of rarely asked or unusual questions that you may wish to explore as well.  Click here to see it.

The following list comprises a variety of priesthood-related pages and links.  Each one may give you some insight into this fascinating and demanding vocation:

Four articles on the nature of priesthood
A sermon given at an ordination of priests.
– this sermon explores what it means to be a priest.  Warning: watch for the sudden twist after the opening paragraphs!
The day to day life of an Anglican parish priest – an essay.
Reflections on the nature of pastoral ministry;
– notes written at the end of 17 years serving in one congregation.
Excerpt from a 1997 letter describing my life as a priest in Manitoba
– was I busy because it was almost Christmas?
An essay examining Vocation to the priesthood..
How do I know if I am called to be an Anglican priest?
Some of my favourite prayers and hymns.
Some of my views on the thorny issues of our time.
Various links of interest to Anglicans and Anglican clergy.
Various essays on Theology, Faith, and Ministry.
A small collection of articles on Faith and Culture.  These are opinion pieces – what some might call “Blogging.”
A small collection of sermons.
Some of my favourites:
Sermons for Remembrance Day
– a Christmas Sermon
  “...things into which angels long to look!” - 1 Peter 1:12
– a sermon entitled “Music that draws us into the Heart of God
– a sermon about the Doctrine of the Trinity