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Texts of sermons, preached by
the Rev’d Canon Tony Harwood-Jones
of the Anglican Church of Canada

TitleLiturgical Day 1Date Preached
People From Another Place Christmas 2 (plus Epiphany) January 3, 2021
Baptism as a Citizenship Ceremony Baptism of the Lord, Yr."A" January 8, 2023
Transcendence & Immanence Last Sunday of Epiphany, Yr."B" (& Valentine’s Day) February 14, 2021
Trusting in God Second Sunday of Lent, Yr."B" February 28, 2021
The Value of Doubt Second Sunday of Easter, Yr."B" April 11, 2021
Doctrine of the Trinity – Faith & Doubt Trinity Sunday, Yr."A" June 7, 2020
The Glory of the Holy Trinity Trinity Sunday, Yr."C" June 12, 2022
The Sacrifice of Isaac Proper 13 (8), Yr."A" Jul. 2, 2023
A Slave Owner — Counted as Righteous Proper 14 (9), Yr."A" Aug. 30, 2020
A Pandemic of Outrage Proper 22 (17), Yr."A" Jul. 5, 2020
The Church – A Hospital for Sinners Proper 23 (18), Yr."A" Sep. 6, 2020


1  The Liturgical year has several well-known seasons: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.  Between Christmas and Lent, and after Pentecost, there are about thirty-four Sundays, often called “Ordinary Time.”  Two systems exist for numbering those Sundays.  “Proper X" in this list, represents the numbering system used in the Anglican Church of Canada.  The number in brackets “( )” follows the system used in the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.