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Sacred Violence - in Christianity and Islam

The militants in Al Qaeda are by no means the first to do violence in the name of religion, and are probably not the last. Christians sometimes disparage Islam because of its violent history, but they would do well to search in their own tradition before making too many generalizations. This essay - originally presented in a graduate studies seminar - explores the foundations of Christianity and Islam, and imagines two clergy - a priest and a Muslim cleric - trying to communicate with one another with tolerance and understanding.

Liturgy in the Time of Richard Hooker

On the four hundredth anniversary of the death of Richard Hooker - the 16th Century theologian who, more than anyone else (except possibly Thomas Cranmer) helped to shape Anglican life and polity - Tony presented this paper at a symposium at St. John's College, Winnipeg. It explores, using contemporary records, and clues found in Hooker's work, what Sunday worship might have been like in ordinary English congregations during the formative first years of Anglicanism.

A Little Bible Handbook

New to the Bible... or, just curious?
Do your own hands-on exploration! This 44 page booklet makes no attempt to persuade or preach... it just describes the various parts of the Bible, gives a bit of background, and contains pointers, hundreds of them, to fascinating readings from every section the Bible. You can order the book here, or read it online.

Feedback about A Little Bible Handbook:
“...not only scholarly but also entertaining.”
– Vianney Carriere, in Ministry Matters
“...thorough AND compact AND lay-accessible AND affordable!”
– Chris Ewing, United Church pastor, Roland Manitoba
“...Looks great... and a fabulous idea!”
– Tod Maffin, founder of Anglicans Online!)
“I like your booklet so much that this is the second copy I have purchased (I gave my last copy to a friend who is a beginning Christian)”
– H. R. Rivers, Gainesville, Florida
“I just wanted to let you know that I discovered your online version of A Little Bible Handbook and found it to be a well written resource for the Christian Ethics class I teach….  I have been looking for a decent, simple introduction to the Bible for a long time….”
– Dennis Hendricksen, Lutheran pastor – Regina, Saskatchewan
“...My son is being confirmed this year and this will be a great help in his studies.   I think I may learn a couple of things as well.”
– Randy Branson, Londonderry, New Hampshire
“...When I took your Bible Handbook to my class last night to give it to Kristine, other people began looking at it, and now several want one of their own.”
– the Rev'd Dr. T.E. Graham, University of Winnipeg (ret.)

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