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Family Photo Album

Photos are arranged from most recent to oldest.
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Photos below this line are displayed in an older format.

  • Intense concentration!   Christmas, 2010

    When three adult siblings get together and find themselves in front of a video game, this is the result.

  • Heather & Tony   Vernon, B.C., December, 2010

    A gentle portrait shot in a restaurant when the family was gathering in B.C. for Christmas.

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  • St. Luke’s says “Goodbye!”   May, 2010

    Tony poses with two Churchwardens at the goodbye party held in his honour

  • A New Way to Say, “I love Paris!”

    When their enormous jet landed in Paris, a colleague on the flight crew marked the occasion by photographing Rachael, who was on her first transatlantic flight as an Air Canada flight attendant, in a most unusual location.

  • An Easter Visit from Rachael, 2009

    Tawny Brown snapped this photo of Rachael with her parents after church in St. Luke’s parish hall, everyone looking most grand and proper.

  • Christmas Family Portrait, 2008   Christmas, 2008

    Rachael, Troy, Heather, Tony (and Annabelle, Rachael’s tiny dog) have a wonderful, intimate Christmas Dinner together, and pose for this picture.

  • Royal Siblings!   Christmas, 2008

    A solmen and formal, but very goofy portrait of Troy and Rachael at our Christmas day get-together.

  • Un-retired!   September, 2008

    In 2008 Tony was asked to take on two-year project, to guide the Anglican Parish of St. Luke, Winnipeg, through a period of preparation and study, prior to engaging a new full-time parish priest.  This photo was taken at his formal installation by the bishop.

  • Toute la Famille!   August 5, 2006

    Through a combination of circumstances all our descendants were in Toronto on this one day.  We had a marvellous and noisy gathering, and this souvenir photo was taken.

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  • A Gathering of Offspring   July 23, 2004

    In 2004 we went to Toronto for Kevin’s call to the Ontario Bar. Chris came too, as well as Troy, his daughter Calyn, and his girlfriend Sheryl. This photo was taken on the front stairs of Ariel and Shai’s home.

  • Generations of Dixon females!   May 11, 2004

    In this photo we have four generations, that is, if you count the dog as generation four. We do call the creature our “Grand-dog”!

  • Rachael and Annabelle   May 9, 2004

    Rachael and her tiny dog come to Winnipeg for Mother’s day.

  • Our Toronto Offspring, June 11, 2003

    In April 2003, Rachael and Kevin moved to Toronto, finding an apartment quite near to her older sister, Ariel.  In this photo the two couples pose on the back steps of Ariel and Shai’s home.

  • Tranquility, August 2, 2002

    Why do people love cottages? I think it is because of scenes like this. Evening comes at our lake in Québec, the water is still, and paddling about in boats is very good.

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  • It’s a bird?  A plane?  It’s Super-daughter, August, 2000

    Rachael tries skydiving.  Here she is, in the air.

  • Photos from Vienna and England, October-November, 2000

    Tony and Heather have the trip of a lifetime. Here are some pictures to prove it!

  • A Large Extended Family gets together, March 19, 2000

    When Mom died March 16th, one of the great benefits was the impromptu family reunion, as we came together from around the world.

  • A Daughter and her Dad, October, 1999

    Tony and Ariel watching migratory birds at Oak Hammock Marsh.

  • Chris, Andrea, Matthew & Alexa, Fall, 1999

    A beautiful family portrait! 

  • Pictures of the Grandchildren, August, 1999

    Chris and Andrea took several wonderful photos during their summer vacation, including one of all three of my grandchildren eating corn on the cob together, and an exquisite one of Alexa sitting on my lap. Chris has a B&W scanner, and scanned these while we were visiting on vacation that summer.

  • Spring, 1998

    I don't think you want to see how my desk used to look at St.Chad’s. I've been trying to keep it in a more orderly fashion since then, but with only moderate success!

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