Descendents of Henry and Jenny Harwood-Jones

(data assembled by Tony Harwood-Jones, as of August 8, 2021)

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Henry and Jenny (née Jane Hourigan1) had six children: Herb, Hilda, Harry (a.k.a. Henry), John, Eileen, and Florence.  Click on one of their names to be taken to the list of that person’s descendents.


 e  = "engaged to"

 m  = "married to"

 w  = "widow or widower of"

<> = "live-in or common-law relationship"

  :   = "in a relationship with" or "seeing"

boldface/underline = "member of the FB Harwood-Jones group" 2

1st Generation2nd Generation3rd Generation4th Generation5th Generation
Herb (RIP) m. Peggy (RIP 2007)
Herb (Peggy)Marion m. George Lennox (RIP)
Marion (George)Robert Lennox m. Lillian Alkok
Robert (Lillian) m. Kalev Nisbet
m. Rodney Noble
Cindy (Rodney) m. Megan Khan
Ryan (Megan) Layla Siobhan Noble
m. Scott White
Kerry (Scott)Shannon
Henry Harwood-Jones (RIP) m. Patricia van Buskirk (RIP)
Henry (Patricia)Tommy Harwood-Jones
Terry Harwood-Jones m. Caroline Mary
Terry (Caroline)Joey Harwood-Jones
Joey (?)Chyna
Leisa Harwood-Jones Palmer
Margaret m. John Leeds
Margaret (John)Christy Sciberras m. Manny Sciberras
Christy (Manny)Britton Sciberras
Hilda (RIP) m. Wally Swain
Hilda (Wally) m. Marg.
Frank (Marg.)Darrell Swain <> Megan McGillivray
Darrell (Beth)Jennifer Swain
Stephanie Swain
Darrell (Megan)Ava Swain
Chloe Swain
m. Susan
Duncan (Susan)Dawson Swain
Mary Swain (RIP 1963)
Derek (Jennifer)Hayley Swain
Hannah Swain
Megan Swain
<> Jim Lithgow
Christina (Mike Fobert)Joshua Fobert
Jamie Fobert
Christina (Jim)Stephen Lithgow
Jack Lithgow
w. Keith Wilson (RIP 1996)
Doreen (Tony Mather)Dan Nourse m. Joan (née Taylor)
Dan (Joan)Brian Nourse m. Nikki (née Morton)
Brian (Nikki)Nolan Nourse
Anna Nourse
Laura Green m. Brady
Larry Nourse m. Janet Cox
Larry (Caroline Whittaker)Jessica Nourse (RIP 1989)
Tim Nourse <> Trish Clarke
Doreen (Barrie Nourse)Karen Nourse
Heather Nourse m. Michael Eastman
Heather (Michael)Benjamin Eastman
Michael Nourse m. Yasuko Yamanoi
Michael (Yasuko)Koyuki Nourse
Marion (Gordon Moore)
Tania Moore-Stojanovic m. Marko Stojanovic
Tania (Marko)Liam Stojanovic
Grant Moore m. Allison Hurst
Grant (Allison)Jason Moore
Daniel Moore
Julia Moore
Harry(RIP 1979) m. Bertha (RIP 1977)
Harry (Bertha)Jenny Barnes (RIP June 6, 2016) m. John Barnes (RIP 1997)
Jenny (John Barnes)Toni Barnes
Michael Barnes
Theresa (RIP 1993) m. Chris Dunn 3 (RIP July 5, 2011)
Theresa (Chris Dunn) <> Robert Stofega
<> Lorne Contin
Glenda (Daniel Blacksky)Angela Blacksky <> James Walker
Angela (Robert Wickamis)Angel Wickamakis
Angela (James)Dakota Walker
Bennett Walker
Memphis Walker
Cash Gideon Walker
  e  Andrea Pawis
Cody (Angela)Christopher Chase Blacksky
Robert Harwood-Jones m. Lansitie
Robert (Arlene) m. Brian Selig
Debbie (Steven Hawkins)
Adam Hawkins m. Natasha Smith-Avery
Adam (Natasha)Finnegan Hawkins
Carrie (Mike Bousfield)
m. Lisa McCartney
James (Cassandra Leach)Reena Harwood-Jones
Brennan Harwood-Jones
Kieran Harwood-Jones
<> Claudio Fiorino
Sheri (Greg Brown) : Massimiliano (Max) Rizzi
Daylon Brown
Kat Brown
m. Rosetta McKeever
John (Marilyn Dew) m. Annie Hall
Rob (Annie)Paul Harwood-Jones
e. Katie Hawkins
Eric (Katie)Peyton Harwood-Jones
Liana (Danny Murray)Jacob Murray m. Jackie Fleming
Jacob (Jackie)Anthony Murray
Chase Murray
Leah Murray
Jessica Murray-Storey m. Eric Storey
Jessica (Eric)Deacon Storey
m. Dale Williams
Heather (Dale)Megan Williams
Hailey Williams
Chelsea Williams
m. Jennifer Taylor
Glen (Stephanie Widdis)Sydney Harwood-Jones
John (Rosetta) m. Harold Harris
Julie (Harold)Nya Harris
(The branch of the family that fits here, prefers not to have any names published on the Internet)
John (RIP 1994) m. Janik Sezeur
John (Lorna Thomson (RIP 2000)) m. Heather Dixon4
Tony (Anne Wilson) m.
Chris (Andrea)
Troy Harwood-Jones m.
Troy (Tracey Telford)Markus Harwood-Jones
Troy (Marysia)Alexander Harwood-Jones
Rose Ayla Harwood-Jones
Tony (Heather) m. Michael Green
Rachael (Michael)Elle (Annabelle Jane) Green
Weston Green
Patrick(RIP 1968)
(The branch of the family that fits here prefers not to have any names published on the Internet)
Timothy Harwood-Jones w. Diana (RIP Nov 30, 2020)
Timothy (Diana)Todd Harwood-Jones m. Lucie Dion
Todd (Donna Roop)Christopher Harwood-Jones
Chris (Barb ?)Kaiden Harwood-Jones
Todd (Lucie)Emy Harwood-Jones
Eric Harwood-Jones
Tawny Brown m. Alex Brown
Tawny (Alex)Michael Brown
Patrick (Heather Pratt)Shane Harwood-Jones
Dawn Harwood-Jones m. Malcolm Callaway
Dawn (Malcolm) m. Peter O’Hearn
Sarah (Peter)David Chelsey O’Hearn Braid Callaway
Stacy Callaway <> Jonathan Veinotte
Stacy (Jonathan)Nathan Veinotte
Eileen (RIP) m. Joe Callaghan
Eileen (Thomas Beaton)Peggy (RIP)
Peggy (Norman Dunn 3)  (RIP 4 February, 2021)
Lorraine (Michael LaForty) m. Barbara LaForty
Bryan LaForty (Barb)Hayley-Rose LaForty
Kaitlyn Lily LaForty
Sarah LaForty
m. Derek Dermott
Courtney (Derek)Wyatt James Dermott
Charlotte Grace Dermott
Rick Dunn <> Kathi Moyer
Rick (Carol)Christine Dunn
Mike (Shauna)Amanda Dunn
Mike (Yanisleidys)Isabella Dunn
Mike (Jacqueline Jannette)Lorelai Ross
Annette Ross
m. Susan
Brad (Susan)Nicole Dunn e. Kyle Williams
Nicole (Dan Renshaw)Sean Renshaw
Nicole (Kyle)Stella Williams
Mary Elizabeth Dunn
Katie Dunn
Lynn Dunn (RIP 26/Feb/2009)
Lynn (Gord Getgood)Thomas Getgood
Jamie Getgood
m. Dave Clarry
Sandy (Dave Clarry)Josh Clarry (RIP 1/Oct/2004)
Jesse Clarry m. Cassie (née Speirs)
Jesse (Antoinette Williams)Marley Clarry
Madeline Clarry
Jesse (Cassie)Harper Clarry
Dustin Clarry
m. Sam Tsuruda
Phyllis (Ronald Parkman, RIP) m. Ann Marie Forrest
Eileen (Joe Callaghan)Jim Callaghan (RIP)
Jim (Doris)Jim Callaghan Jr. m. Sylvia
Jim Jr. (Sylvia)Jessica Callaghan
Rachel Callaghan
Jason Callaghan m. Jenny
Jason (Jenny)Joshua Callaghan
Patricia (Charles Dixon)Jonathon Dixon m. Val
Jonathon (Val)Emma Mae
Paul Dixon m. Anica
Paul (Anica)Lilian Marie
William Dixon
Florence (RIP)
Florence (John Lennie) m. Barry Hanser
Jo Ann (Barry Hanser)David Hanser m. Anat
David (Anat)Noa Gabrielle Hanser
Kai Samuel Hanser
Darren Hanser m. Sarine
Darren (Sarine)Isabella Hanser
Sophie Hanser
Kathleen (Ray Doucet)Brenda McFarland m. Steven McFarland
Brenda (Steven)Kevin McFarland
Justin McFarland
David Doucet m.
David (Cathy Bell)Jessica Doucet
Jessica (Mike Card)Jayden Doucet
Robert Doucet
Robert (Korin Melvin)Rowin David Doucet
Quinn Lori Doucet
David (Tonya Lynne)Rebecca Profitt m. Matthew Profitt
Rebecca (Bradly Hric)Dariusz Hric
Rebecca (Matthew)Ian Profitt
Amanda Doucet
Joey Doucet
Kathleen (Gordon Witzel)Sarah Witzel <> Shane Pfohl
Sarah (Shane)Carter Pfohl
Adam Witzel m. Beckie
Adam (Beckie)Riley Witzel
Olivia Witzel

1. Our family’s matriarch, Jenny, was born “Jane Hourigan” in County Clare, Ireland.  She had at least one brother, Thomas Hourigan, whose descendents recently got in touch with this (Grandma Jenny’s) side of the family.  A family tree similar to this one is posted online, showing Thomas Hourigan’s descendents.  Click here to see it.
2. Several of the names of those who belong to the Facebook Harwood-Jones group are “live” hyperlinks.  Clicking on such a name will take you directly to their profile in Facebook.  This is a work in progress, and some aren’t done yet.  All the recently added names work, but some of the first ones entered do not.  Please be patient.
3. Chris Dunn and Norman Dunn are brothers.
4. Diana Dixon and Heather Dixon are sisters.  There is no known relationship between their family and that of Jonathan, Paul, and William Dixon.